Thursday, June 5, 2014

[A new little journal to share.....]

Pressure creates Diamonds...
.....Danielle LaPorte
I have a new little journal
to share with you today...
hand bound once again
into a vintage book cover...
I love how each journal takes on a life
of its own...
filled to the brim with 76 pages...
fold out pages...
and lots of places to tuck your memories into...
this is just a sampling of what is inside..
click on the pics for a larger view...
this little darling is waiting patiently
in my Etsy Shop
for someone to make it their own...
and thought I would sign off with this pic
two of my sweet grand daughters...
little Penny's laugh is so infectious...
I just can't help but smile :)
wishing you all a smiley week dear friends...
Jenny X


  1. Beautiful as always, I love your journals. I would love to do a book binding course and learn how to make candles I have decided. I have not heard of any book binding classes here ever :(
    The photo of your two little Grand daughters is pure happiness
    Mary x

  2. Very cute! Both the journal and the granddaughters. ;-)

  3. Love seeing your arty journals Jenny....They look like a lot of fun to create :)...and the sweet little pic of your granddaughters is so cute! Wishing you a smiley week too Jenny!! x x

  4. these pages are so dreamy Jenny. I love the Frida one :)

  5. You have amazing creative talents.....anything you do is always so love your work.....Cathy

  6. Lovely, lovely journal Jenny! So pretty!

  7. your a clever chookie ....beautiful....lovely pic of those two too :)

  8. Oh My Jenny this journal is sumptuous! And those little granddaughters even more so. X

  9. Beautiful journal Jenny and I love the photo of your sweet granddaughters.

    Karen x

  10. Your creativeness amazes me! I love looking at your blog! So much inspiration here!!!!!!!!!!


I appreciate each and every comment, thank you so very much:)

Jenny ♥